Mashkay: Pakistani army looted and set fire to all the houses in Gajjali village. Dr. Murad Baloch

sangar publication

 - 16 Jan, 2022 at 10:39 am

Dr. Murad Baloch, Secretary-General of the Baloch National Movement, said in a statement that the Pakistani army had set fire to the houses of all the people of Gajjali village in Mashkay after looting them. They were forcibly relocated by the Pa...

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Manzoor Pashteen arrested in Kohat

sangar publication

 - 04 Jun, 2021 at 11:09 am

Manzoor Pashteen along with his colleagues Bilal Pakhtun, Idrees Pashteen, and Zohaib have been arrested by the Kohat police. Manzoor Pashteen was travelling to Waziristan to join Jani Khel sit-in at the time of his arrest. Mohsin Dahwar, leader o...


United States and allies should impose sanctions on Pakistan for occupation, terrorism and genocide.

sangar publication

 - 17 Aug, 2021 at 10:05 am

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said that a car rally and a protest was held on the 14th of August to mark the founding day of Pakistan as Black Day. On August 14, BNM, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) USA, Jeay Sindh Freedo...


These twelve years of wait is no less than the resurrection – Author: Yusuf Baloch

sangar publication

 - 01 Jul, 2021 at 7:24 pm

  In this world where countless, people are born they left their mark in human minds. The struggle of these characters of the past the present is formed and they mark the history of the future. Historians adorn the character of these entities...


March 27th: Pakistan’s forcible occupation of Balochistan

sangar publication

 - 27 Mar, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    When the Baloch nation got its independence and was keenly maintaining the independence of their nation-state at all costs, Jinnah turned to Balochistan for the fulfilment of his evil intentions. On February 5, 1948, Jinnah met...

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