Pakistani army murdered Anwar Baloch during severe torture in Mashkay. Dr. Murad Baloch

sangar publication

 - 24 Nov, 2021 at 7:58 pm


Central Secretary General of Baloch National Movement Dr. Murad Baloch has said that in Mashkay, Pakistan Army forcibly disappeared Anwar son of Mahmood, Ghafoor son of Mahmood, Zahri Khan son of Jumma, Imdad son of Zahri Khan and Rashid son of Fateh Muhammad. The Pakistani army tortured and killed Anwar  Mahmood during detention and handed over his body to heirs.


Dr. Murad Baloch said that while detaining these people, the Pakistani army had threatened the people of the area that if this news disclosed, they would face serious consequences.  The Pakistani military demonstrated this threat in the form of the assassination of Anwar  Mahmood.  Anwar’s elder brother and other relatives are still in illegal custody and no information is available about them.  We fear that the Pakistani army will kill them too.


Dr. Murad Baloch said that Pakistan Army is committing the worst terrorism in Balochistan. Aggression and war crimes are on the rise here.  In recent days, on the one hand, the Pakistani army has intensified the process of forcible disappearance of people and on the other hand, it has significantly increased the number of killings and massacre.  In the last ten days, more than nine people, including two women, have been abducted from Kolwah and shifted to torture cells.


He said that Pakistan would have to be held accountable for these war crimes. We hope that one day the world will take notice of Pakistan’s barbarism and play a role in stopping the Baloch genocide. If, as in the 1970s, Pakistan was not brought to justice for war crimes, it would not hesitate to commit genocide of other nations after Bengalis and Baloch.


Dr. Murad Baloch said that if Pakistan thinks that it will deprive the Baloch nation of the national independence movement through terror and barbarism, then it is her misconception. The Baloch nation is brave in front of Pakistan’s brutality and inhumane treatment. This will sooner or later result in complete liberation from Pakistan in the shape of an independence of Balochistan.